Q:How do you convert a large OST file (over 4 GB) to a Microsoft Outlook PST file?


When converting large OST files (4 GB and above), you will have to use a 64-bit computer system. All program components required for converting OST to PST must be 64-bit. These include:

  1. Microsoft Outlook 64-bit
  2. Microsoft Windows 64-bit
  3. Outlook Recovery Kit versions 4.0 and above

This allows you to bypass the limitations on the RAM that can be used by each component and convert OST files of virtually any size.

Converting huge OST files to PST files

Once all necessary components have been installed, run Outlook Recovery Kit and perform the following actions:

  1. choose the OST file you need to convert on the program's first screen
  2. choose Convert on next page of Conversion Wizard
  3. choose the emails, contacts, and other information you want to transfer from the OST to the PST file
  4. choose the option to save as a PST file
  5. type or select a folder to use to save the data on the disk

The process of reading the OST file and then exporting it to PST takes a significant amount of time. The time it takes to convert OST to PST depends on your computer's performance, particularly the speed of your disk subsystem.

Note: When you install Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook, the 32-bit version is installed by default. To install Microsoft Outlook 64-bit, read the following article: How to Install Microsoft Outlook 64-bit?.